Virtual CB Radio simulator

Modern Beats sell good-sounding hip hop samples (the free pack is worth dowloading, and doesn't attract too much spam). They've just launched an interesting package of VST plugins - 'Transistor' is a CB Radio/Walkie Talkie simulator, with buttons to trigger noise/squelch/call sign samples. WaterVerb 'fuses liquid water with reverb', featuring "Stream, Brook, Shower, Rain, Drizzle" settings. (via Harmony Central) UPDATE: Chris at Analog Industries doesn't like the look of these plugs. He's just mad because he doesn't produce a CB Radio simulator...

This could come in handy for my upcoming Red Sovine tribute album.
there has been some sort of CB radio plugin for protools for ages...
it's called's cool and pretty straightforward...although not very flexible...

Go straight to 'em.
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