Sweet Jesus! It's the midiGun

The midiGun is a MIDI controller in a gun. Not a real gun, but one covered in slightly camp flouro green plastic, lots of knobs and switches, a crossfader on the bottom of the barrel, a laser sight and lots more, detailed on this chart. It's designed using a Doepfer pocket electronics module to control DJ software. What a truly awful image that is. No word on price/availablity yet, but I think these guys should definitely get some. (Thanks, Luke)

See, this is what happens when you outlaw keytars. Looks like this would be a fantastic controller for Traktor or other general MIDI foolishness. An incredible advance in symbolic phallus technology. How could you not buy one?
i know how i could not buy one... i can't find a place to buy it. and i want one!
this is the kind of bullshit that posers love - celebrating form over function

sure there are a few acts that would do well with something like this (GWAR comes to mind) - but for most it would be nothing more than another prop for their self-image

i am really TRULY interested in new musical interfaces (lemur, tenori-on, etc.) and especially those that would allow extreme expression via MIDI

but this is the kind of bullshit that cheapens that pursuit - it dilutes the endeavor with poser methodologies... when its more about "looking good" than "sounding good"

fuck all that
no - you're right - people only want high-caliber musical interfaces to rest their drink on

I think the midi gun is a great idea. Personally, I want to look AND sound good. Part of putting on a good show is entertaining the crowd. If you don't care about visual asthetics, just make CDs in your moms basement.
whatever you say, chief
anyone who thinks this is a good idea needs to be shot with a real gun
Hey, I am happy to see that my harmless little interface fuels a hot discussion here. The "midiGun" is not only a flashy gunshaped midi interface. I thought about handling and performance a lot before I built this one. The gunshape allows for absolute freedom from a tabele, a screen, a keyboard and a mouse. You can stand free on stage and perform like someone playing a "real" instrument. I donĀ“t want to compete against "serious" midi controllers, the midigun is intended to bring fun and body expression to electronic livemusic. I was just bored by so called electronic live acts hiding behind laptops and not moving a bit to the beat of their own sound. Check back on my website http://www.midigun.com next week for a short performance video. rock on and best regards Christopher
This is one of the most bizzare pieces of equipment I have ever seen!

I can just imagine the conversation...

"What instrument do you play then? The guitar? The drums? The oboe?"

"Erm... the gun!"

Wouldn't mind trying it out, tho! It looks fun, and I love political incorrectness!
good luck getting that one through airport security when touring...
Nobody said this yet? This thing is BANGIN'!!
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