Sonic Weapons from LASD and the KLF

The LA Sherrifs department last week tested a 15,000 watt sound weapon (they're calling it a "magnetic acoustic device"). In the mid 1990s, The KLF built themselves a 25,000 watt sonic weapon, which they constructed on the back of a Saracen armoured vehicle. It could transmit sound for 7 miles, while the LASD can only manage one mile.

if they were using it to find the mystical 'brown note' - the discovery channel's "mythbusters" have already proven that it doesn't work terribly well - under 'civilian' conditions.

i seem to remember however, that the KLF's sonic device caused much upset to some cows and the device was later confiscated by the MOD...or was that an urban legend?
I guess people just have to bring some earplugs to the next riot.
Youth and rock-n-roll will default the LAPD and their so-called weapon any day. Just turn up the amps!
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