Radionics machines: They look like synths, but aren't

Dr Ben has been learning about 'Radionics' apparatus - used by mad people and sold on the Internet. They're not strictly speaking musicical (or functional in any way), but they look like old synths, and use words like 'resonance' a lot, so I thought it would be OK. There seem to be a dozen or so brightly-coloured knob boxes on the 'bay at any time. #5604545811 claims: "This is a mindmachine. Only needs the power of your will, thoughts and imagination, does not need a battery or any other electric powersource." #5598986177 is a rather chic white Apple-style box, which claims to be a Bio-Photon Analyser, which will "Neutralize chemicals and pesticides that are on food." It's not all good, though, as Ben says "#5603004238 is obviously from when it got boring and digital and they stopped having one knob per function. The data entry wheel. Scourge of so many fields."

One of those sold for over $1000 and had 8 bidders. Basically a Sharp calculator and some envelopes. I wonder if the person selling it was the person who won the auction.
I am very much in love with Life Technologies "Purple Tesla Shield". It's a piece of inert material, colored purple, that, owing to the fact that it resonates with the universal harmonic, is able to align the cosmos.
These sound like the doohickies that the Scientologists used to use. Are Scientologists still associated with questionable electronics?
whycome your ebay links never work properly?
So these people are mad then????
I thought it was a joke at first but after seeing that ebay auction I guess they're actually serious.
has this blog become ? hehe
this is the first time i've come across these - i can't believe how ridiculous these things are.

come to think of it, i think i may have an old Mylo-Balancing Carbon Thrust Lamp Leveller in the loft somewhere - i wonder what it's worth...
Beware, some of these cheaper devices use stable optically charged isopathic imprints, not magnetically sensitive homeopathic ones.

Obviously most people know which type to get, but there is always a chance you could get ripped off and not get a proper isopathic restorative structure signal.
Sounds like something he would promote:
Those Sharp calculators are RAD, though. I used one all the time in engineering school -- could run BASIC programs on them, etc. AND there was a BEEP function, so you could make monotone music with it...
those would make rad synth boxes.

As for the $cientologists, you're talking about the E-Meter.. yes they still use them, they're kind of like primitive lie detectors. Those would make pretty cool synth boxes too.
re: E-meters- new posts in a week? Guess we all need vacations... :o(
I feel lonely...
Five reasons why there have been no posts in a week:
1) I've been on holiday to lovely Portscatho, Cornwall.
2) I've been so busy writing an article about blogging that I haven't had time to actuallly do any blogging.
3) My Evolver Upgrade arrived.
4) Gary Garritan sent me a copy of his awesome Personal Orchestra, so I've been playing the French Horn.
5) It's sunny!
Wow...I think you'd have easily had me at excuse #3 alone. Congrats!!
Good for you. Enjoy that Evolver upgrade and the sun!

Looking forward to more quality posts soon.

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