Novation Remote LE: Another nice controller

The endless search for the perfect controller keyboard continues. It was announced at MusicMesse, but the Novation Remote 25 LE is shipping next month and looks pretty good. The original Remote 25 had a really nice semi-weighted keyboard, and millions of knobs, but was a little bit bulky (very slightly smaller than a SH-101). This new version has the cool stuff - joystick, touchpad, plenty of (non continuous) knobs, and is $100 cheaper, but $199 street still seems a little pricey. (via Harmony Central, with extra brain cells from the mighty CDM)

not enough sliders & knobs really. and when will these people learn that they need to mould it in white plastic, not crappy silver?..
Well, yeah, exactly, but I didn't want to mention about that again, or Peter at CDM would accuse me of being snidey...
Looks pretty nice, especially the XY pad and joystick. The silver plastic is sooo yesterday though. Yeah, bring on the white, apple style. I think most of us would really prefer a little metal or (gasp!) wood.

I think Novations' products are usually too fragile and their nipple knobs look like they hate to be twiddled.

Sure beats that little mod button/ lever on the M-Audio keyboard. Remember ARP's PPC control. Yeachhhh. Bring me wheels and ribbons!
I love that we whine about $199 being too much and not enough knobs and sliders...
I just busted out my $300+ Fatar with only UP/DOWN buttons on it last weekend.
I love the state of controllers these days!
The whole point is it's a more compact version of the Remote/X-Station, which have additional sliders and knobs. (See also: Kontrol Kontrol 49, etc.)

And, heheh, I'm watching Tom. No more silver plastic comments. :-)

Seriously, though, how is white plastic any cooler than silver or black plastic? I've got a Novation here, and it looks just fine. Plastic is plastic.

Now, red velvet and leopard-print fur? That'd be a statement.
"Seriously, though, how is white plastic any cooler than silver or black plastic?"

I don't know, ask Jonathan Ive, he seems to have pretty strong opinions on the subject ;-)
When plastic is silver, I think "wannabe metal". White plastic acknowledges the fact that it is plastic and proud. Same thing with Plexi/Perspex.
To quote Shirley Valentine: "It's crap and I hate it".

Novation goes on the D/L.

Mine had a *very* noisy A#5 key (mechanical click), no aftertouch (as advertised on many-a-sites), and the general feel of the keys is nowhere near those of my standard ReMOTE 49. Definately stretching the interpretation of "semi-weighted". Feels more like an Edirol PCR-x0.
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