New synth blog of the day: Matrix Synth

Yes, posts are pretty quiet at the moment, so why not pay a visit to Matrix Synth from Washington, which is ON FIRE. There are a load of nice Bob Moog stories on the front page today, but be sure to scroll back for wonders like crazy German dude's huge synth collection, a great picture of Joe Zawinul, and this sexy old Akai mini analog synth. I'm still not at all sure about the green/black decor, but with content like this, who's complaining?

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Wow! Thanks! Yes I've been getting slack for the green on black for years. Check out the root of the site for some really old school blah. But... I won't change it!!! : ) I like it. I'm a big night time reader so I find the black back ground much easier on the eyes. My background color on my desktop is never white because of it. Anyway, glad you like the blog. This is stuff I just normally look up; I figure why not share it. Green is my favorit color, and no Matrix is not from the movie. It's from the Oberheim Matrix line of synths, the Matrix-6 being my first synth and the Matrix-12 being my dream synth. I put up in Oct of 97 and I just started the blog in July.
I was pretty happy to see my Extreme Synth Weirdness Project covered on Matrixsynth.

See it for yourself:
I love green on black much the same way I love vocoders, atari, dual phasers, and filter sweeps.
no you can't diss the green on black it's tron to the max! or trs-80. green on black forever! when computers started going black on white, that's where it all went wrong!
True, anonymous, but that's also when my eye twitching problem cleared up.

That said, Battlezone roxx.
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Just thought I'd put up a comment in case anyone came across this post. I had to move the matrixsynth blog over to Due to the move I was only able to repair static links. The links above are dynamic and were created before I went to static links. I know. My bad and I apologize for that. So.... All dynamic links will now go to my default blog on where you can search for the content. It might take time for the crawlers to get all my content, so if you really want to see these links just select the date range it would fall unter in the archive links and you should be able to find it. Cheers. : )
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