New audio/guitar interfaces (with VU meters!)

The world probably doesn't need any more USB audio interfaces (you could have this, this, this...) but Line 6's TonePort range sure looks nice, with a blobby black case and big VU meters. No prices yet. The software includes digital models of a range of vintage high-end studio gear, 'inspired' by the Neve 1073, API 512c Mic Pre and Avalon Vt737. Hurrah! Now studio engineers can go on forums and slag off Line 6 the way guitarists have been doing for years...

is the gearbox software only for tracking or does it use plugins? i wonder if the software will be available seperately, and if its use is like the UAD card, like a dsp chip. sucks its only 48k...and the smaller unit doesnt have 48v phantom power???
You bet we'll be slagging them off! Here's a quote from the site:"In minutes, you’ll be creating sounds that typically take an entire studio, an expert engineer, and a huge hourly rate to pull off!"
Wow - all this using tech that's "inspired by" vintage gear. I've been touting my mixing as "inspired by" Bob Clearmountain and Geoff Emerick for years, with no discernable increase in business.
Who are those guys? Maybe you should have gear that drops names from famous hip hop bands. "This guitar cable is the same as used by the Black Eyed Peas - so now you don't have to have any skill--the guitar cable will do it all for you. promise."
Well, that depends on if you are recording music for the unwashed masses, or for people who actually listen to good music.
Until they post a price, who knows if it's a good deal or not.

The VU meters are dead sexxxy...

With all of the plug-ins, is this going to compete with Guitar Rig, and can you do the same things you could with "Guitar Port".

If they add in the teaching/jamming capabilities of Guitar Port, with the Virtual Rig ability of a Guitar Rig, at a decent price, this could be the killer deal.

Also, if you can expand this with Model Packs ala the PodXt or Guitar port, it just keeps getting better.

As a guitarist, I am familiar with Line 6, and all of their products are awesome. The POD rocks, their pedals are the best, The spider and vetta are passable amps.
The price will be $199 US for the UX2, $19 for the UX1. Yes, both have 48v phantom. Comes bundled with a proprietary version of Ableton Live. And it will do 96k by the way (bus powered as well).
That's $129 for the UX1, not $29. Woops...
it will just take 44.1 or 48 and convert to 96... so it will essentially just take the 48 or 44.1hz signal and convert them on the board.. so its not REAL 96...its interpolated or whatever.

is the toneport software just tracking software or does it work as a plugin? it woud be great to use the preamp/eq/effects on other sources other than what comes through the toneport
True, but at a pricepoint below $200 US, your not going to get Rosetta converters.....
Is there any built in DSP in the box? If everything is software (I know that's cool for most of you), then it's more flexible but I prefer to have some hardware DSP so it doesn't slow down the computer as it forces all that data over a USB port and has to process and then write. You might be able to guess that I've dealt with my share of software glitches.
No DSP, all software
ok all thats left to know tone port only for TRACKING? or can you use it as a plugin?
Here's why I want it: it takes a line level input. I can put this in the loop of my guitar head, and have all the amp modelling and effects that made Line 6 famous, plus still be able to use my nice tube preamp stage. Plus it records, and it has a headphone output for silent jamming.

If this thing has all the modelling and effects capacity of their other POD gear then I am completely sold.
BUT what does it SOUND like? Converters? Mic Pre's? How could they be any good For $100? You can't model converters... And good ones cost MONEY. So? Can you model converters? LOL.....
Yeti wrote: "Well, that depends on if you are recording music for the unwashed masses, or for people who actually listen to good music."

Who records electronic guitars is always recording for "unwashed masses" – people who listen good music never listen anything thats electronically artificially anhanced, created or changed. Electronic music is dead music. Natural instruments are the only thing thats worth listening.
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