Mind-bendingly awesome superdork guitar animation

Mr Fastfinger's Guitar Shred Show is a brilliant Finnish interactive flash animation/toy telling the story of Mr Fastfinger, a mysterious guitarist who travels to the Mountain of Tapping Dwarfs. At one point, you have to use your widdly-widdly guitar skills to defeat the devil's accordion playing, before performing for a tribe of pink loincloth-wearing zombie dwarves. It's creator, Mika Tyyskä, is clearly a genius destined for superstardom. (via Evil Patchie) In other flash news, Rajajuju writes with news of this extremely bizarre Hindu mythological flash animation, with a cool soundtrack.

LOL!!!! Very nice animation!!

I've never seen "the finger" in sheet music form before, but it was certainly appropriate. Press and hold "7" during the lessons.
my favourite is "0".
absolute class!

i particularly like the occasional glimpse of the tiger-print under garment.
purely on a 'comedic value' level, you understand.

the animation of the left hand is top notch too! it's as if he can really play...

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I don't know...I think the idea of it has real potential, but I felt it wasn't fully realized, for a few reasons, mainly being:
1 - The incredibly long loading times.
2 - The guy who did the voices could've used a better mic or a pop-cover, you can hear his tongue clicking and wet sounds from whenever his mouth opens...kinda' gross.

It honestly bored me to death.
I've never seen "the finger" in sheet music form before, but it was certainly appropriate. Press and hold "7" during the lessons.
Absolutly enthralling - how could anyone be bored ?
Oh my god this was incredible. The animation was ridiculously smooth and accurate, I'm not a guitar player so I can't vouch for the finger placement but it went along with the playing very well and that's all I'd expect. Mr. Fastfingers even does some tuvan throat singing which I thought was an interesting touch.

My absolute favorite technique is "n", when I saw that one I almost pissed my pants laughing. I call it "The Naughty Gnome". Seriously though, if this was made into a weekly TV series I would watch it, it's like if Samurai Jack had a guitar instead of a sword, a cooler version of that movie Six String Samurai.

Oh, and did anyone else notice that the art style looks alot like that Nickelodeon show "Kablam"?
ha! notice there always has to be that one guy who's a dick, and cries about it...ohh I could have done better, blah blah blah...how anyone can say it sucked is just a dumbass.

I found it quite funny and entertaining. surely one of the most fun guitar oriented flash things that has been done to date.

very very cool stuff
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This was cool!
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