MIDI control via (expensive) compass

This unpromising black blob is an I-CubeX Orient. Plug it into a fantastically expensive I-CubeX control system and you can control synths by pointing in different directions! Just $92, plus $382 for the starter pack. Perfect if you've just got a huge grant from your local arts sponsor for some kind of site specific installation nonsense. They do have a fairly awesome range of other controllers, to build that perfect bendy/stretchy/breath/humidity/pressure/tap-controlled system you've always promised yourself.

It looks slightly similar to this:

Eric Singer's MIDITron provides most of the same functionality minus the ridiculous price. But the iCube sensors are well-made, reliable, and there's a whole lot of them - they can all be wired up to the MIDITron. The editor is a nice, clean MaxMSP patch available as a standalone and a regular Max binary file. I think you can download the docs and editor software from the website.

Eric Singer is one of the guys behind the GuitarBot (and other large format musical installations). I think you've posted about him before.
one could also just forget the whole compass thing and go for the dirt-cheap gravis destroyer TILT. Usb input, and just rig that shit up with a simple "hi" max object. Check it:

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