Lost everything? Your President has a spare guitar!

While still on holiday, on the day the hurricane hit, President Bush was presented with this tasteful presidential-seal acoustic guitar by an alarmed-looking Mark Wills. Looks like he's playing a real chord. Perhaps him and Tony Blair can form a band. More of the same. (Thanks Tim)

It would be a G Major chord if only he were in the 3rd fret instead of the 4th.

The chord he's making in the photo, assuming the guitar is in standard EADGBE tuning, looks to be an AbMaj7b5#9. That's jazz. ;-)

he looks like a fucking dumbass no matter what he does. i guess i am upset because of the whole war "thing".
Well, at least he's done something better than any other president: VACATION!!!! WOOOOO YEAH! He's already taken more time off than any president in history and still has more years left for us to suffer through.

Way to go, President Bitch!
Perhaps Mr. Wills is concerned Bush will drop it. What, no matching presidential strap?
That's not a chord. He's flipping the bird.
wrong, Chris - the guitar is using a dropped D tuning... cuz Bush is fucking metal
Yeah, if he was in NewOrleans right now, there'd be bitching about him "exploiting the tragedy of others to distract from Sheehan" Whatever. He's not on vacation anymore OK?
what an asshole.
Maybe he's adapted "My Pet Goat" into song...
By the way, no one has mentioned that he was there giving a speech to commemorate V-J (Victory Over Japan) Day. Incidentally, my home state of Rhode Island is the only state in the US that celebrates V-J Day, and everyone had the day off from work...two weeks ago, on August 15th, which is the actual date of V-J Day.
synth synth synth
Saw Clinton play a mean sax in a Prague club in 95. Maybe he should try and get a jam going with all the former living Presidents.
I think it would be much cooler if he had a jam with the dead ones...
^^^^^^^^ teh winner. lmao
That Nero plays a mead fiddle!
'mean fiddle'
Hmmm, I'm starting to see a parallel... George Clinton (P-Funk) = George Bush + Bill Clinton.

Bring on da funk!!!!

Worst. President. Ever.

Can we impeach him yet?
One of the greatest makers of Cajun accordions drowned on his roof tuesday while George W was pickin' and grinnin'.

The accordion maker was the last of his kind and had no heirs or apprentices.

They say he was playing and singing when he died.

Wasn't that a mighty storm
Wasn't that a mighty storm in the morning, well
Wasn't that a mighty storm
That blew all the people all away

You know the storm of two thousand five It wasn’t that long ago
Death came howling on the ocean
Death calls, you got to go

Now New Orleans had a levee
To keep the water down
But a howling wind from the ocean
Spread the water over the town


You know the pundits give them warning
Y’all had better leave this place
But no one thought of leaving
Until death stared them in the face
And the highways they all were crowded
Sensible people were leaving town
I-10 was gridlocked under the onslaught
When the rain started coming down


Rain it was a' falling
Thunder began to roll
Lightning flashed like hell fire
The wind began to blow
Death the cruel master
When the wind began to blow
Rode in on a team of horses
I cried, "Death, won't you let me go"


Hey, now trees fell all over the strand
And the houses they gave away
Those that stayed got drownded
They died in most every way
And the sea began to rolling
So high that the oil rigs could not stand
And I heard a so many crying
"God save a drowning man"


Death your hands are clammy
You got them on my knee
You come and took my mother
Won't you come back after me
And the flood it took my neighbor
Took my brother too
I thought I heard my father calling
And I watched my mother go


You know the storm of two thousand five
It wasn’t that long ago
Death came howling on the ocean
Death calls, you got to go

There's a great "contrast and compare" set of pictures (forgive me - I don't remember where) out there. One of Duyba playing his presidential guitar - and the other - taken at the EXACT SAME MOMENT of a group of men, women and children somewhere in New Orleans - holding on to the roof rack of an SUV for dear life - as the flood waters rise. A metaphore for the USA in 2005 - if I've ever seen one. In the words of Babara Stanwick on Falcon Crest circa 1985 - "God help us all!"
Look at his left hand.

Me thinks the prez is sending a message to us all.
You can kill a lot more people and cause a lot more misery by hijacking the whole USA than you can by hijacking a few airplanes!
I don't know about everyone else but this kind of ruins guitar playing for me forever.
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