L Ron Hubbard's love note to his Fairlight

Tommy has been reading up on Scientology ("Don't worry, I'm not thinking of joining"), and discovered Ron The Music Maker, a huge site dedicated to L Ron Hubbard's musical endeavours. Here is a touching love letter that he wrote to his beloved Fairlight CMI: "I am very glad to make your acquaintance. You have very charming circuits and I am certain that we can co-vibrate to the astonishment and ecstasy of a vast audience. With all praise to your exulted frequencies, consider me your friend.".
Here is his fairly unremarkable synth collection. He was much more an organ man, owning an incredibly rare Yamaha FX3 - a huge and expensive FM synthesized organ from the '80s. He also had an awesome microphone collection, and a selection of banal but lengthy opinions about rock music.

Hey, Awakened_Yeti, what sucks more: a Mac or L. Ron Hubbard?
L. Ron Hubbard for sure.

Macs can be redeemed by their users - but scientology is a blight upon the planet.
L. Ron needs more Cow Bell. My god. that saying works in so many places.
I hope all his other writing is more captivating than that 11th grade research paper.
If he had put out albums, you just know they would have had exploding volcanos on the covers...

Science Fictionology
"I hope all his other writing is more captivating than that 11th grade research paper."

I've never read any new-age pseudoscience that reads more captivatingly than a 11th grade research paper.
holy fuck you can listen to his musicals, this one stars john travolta recapturing the magic of his performance in grease,

For anyone who isn't familiar with the evils of Scientology, please visit http://www.xenu.net
Man and machine conjoined . . . ahh . . . ewww . . .
What, Ron didn't put this love letter to his synth on a gold CD and didn't seal it in an airtight box in the underground salt mines like his other thoughts? Must have been slacking that day.

I will confess, although I wouldn't if not guaranteed anonymity; When I first got my best synth, I went to the inmost private corner of my house, and, while setting up my Ensonic VFX-SD on the first occasion it was freshly unboxed and unbagged from the factory, I did my best to think of a simple blessing to invoke upon the "initial initalization." It went something like this: "a balm of blessing and protection be upon your Large Scale Integration Semiconductors for now and always,"

Its motherboard must have had an Electra complex, and from then on, for months, it always wanted "re-"initializing, over and over and over and over, so I think I must have spoiled "her." (Say,isn't that MORE COW BELL one of the samples in the ROM of the Alesis drum box, the HR-16?

p.s. Don't you people sleep?
Haha, yes, Ron the so-called "Music Maker". I had much fun with that. He also discovered that a Fairlight CMI was able to sample natural sounds and play them back in "13 note octaves". Uh huh.

Or that you don't need compressors for recording -- he discovered it's enough just to lower the recording level! Wow!

I also found it quite funny that his synthesizer collection actually shows a measly Casio CT-810 instead of the described "Baldwin" synth.

Hubbard actually released some albums that evolved under his masterful guidance; see http://rateyourmusic.com/list/GeneralError/scientology_music for some links to get a listen. My own personal favorite is the German version of "Road to Freedom" -- crappy music as usual, but as an added bonus here badly translated into German and badly "sung" by the original artists who had no inkling of German pronounciation whatsoever. This really must be the most crappy and stupid piece of shitty music ever released on this planet. Only for the stout of heart! xD
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