It's a Pink Flying V Ukulele

$59 gets you this delightful Ukulele from Elderly Instruments. (via Audio Mastermind, which is today's hot new music-gear blog. See also: 10 Most Ridiculous Black Metal Pictures of the Year)

This guy could surely use one of these.
that was definately one weeping uke. i really had to eat my prejudices from the backstreet boys fashion ensemble.
it's ok. i'm partial to the white one, but it could use some gold hardware. that'd make it really classy.

i'd be interested in an explorer shaped uke. or a sg styled double neck uke/mandolin. that'd be revolting.
I'm building an Doubleneck SG Tenorukelele. One nylon-semiacoustic neck and one electric. With some luck it will be ready by May/June.

I am very interested in some kind of double neck mandolin/ukulele
Yeah a mandolin/ukulele would be cool
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