Introducing Retro Thing (And the Neuronium)

Retro Thing is the latest addition to the (not actually real) Thing Network™. James Graham is collecting together many good things, including Toy Steam Engines, vintage underwater cameras, and the Treo 90. The real highlight is his explanation of the weird and expensive and sounding-a-lot-like-insects-chirruping Resonator Neuronium synth, built by Jürgen Michaelis (aka JoMox). Meanwhile, over at Video Thing, Wiley has Cameraphone festivals, that Korg Kaptivator and 3D Video Blogging.

Neuronium is definately not new, but info on its working systems certainly is...

i wasnt impressed by the sound demos they had some years ago - but i do want to play with one and see if i could do better

too bad thats prob never going to happen
Like all the other quality JoMox products, the RN is overpriced. I understand this is cottage industry stuff, but the sad thing is, few of the weirdos that should own something like this can afford it because their music is too strange to be commercially successful.

At least it gives us something to dream about.
y'all, i was just listening to this:

and it's the most interesting synthesis i've heard in a long time, especially since it doesn't appear to be layered or anything. ok, it's BARELY musical, but wow, what a coyote laugh! this thing is impressing the hell out of me.

And anons point above is actually right on target too. how the hell am i going to be able to get paid to make coyote laughs? there's always that meth-lab dream. Meth+Neuronium=$$$, fun, no teeth, end.
Where are the weird blues lawyers? They spend so much on boutique amps and guitars. Many can't even play them.

Aren't there weird blues lawyers who buy Voyagers who would like strange experimental electronics?
Can anyone join the Thing Network™?

This Pedro Thing

Enjoy my pathetic attempt at Thing™ awesomeness.
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