Hans Zimmer on synth shopping etiquette

Soundtrack composer and Music Thing reader Hans Zimmer (Black Hawk Down/Pirates of the Carribean/Gladiator/MI2) was presenting an award to a young film composer in Santa Monica a few weeks ago. From the podium, he offered some advice to people getting started in the industry: "Never let your wife prevent you from buying equipment. A house will not buy a synthesizer, but a synthesizer can buy a house."

Hmm, well Hans is a dude and unmistakenly a rare talent but my house bought me a synth - it appreciated in value so by the time I has sold it I could buy a ton of stuff :D
Agreed - my house appreciates at the rate of about $1000/month (that's much more than my monthly mortgage). Hans' little quip was cute and was probably meant to please the crowd, but he was dead wrong.
Well, when I was 15 years old, instead of lusting after cars like the rest of the kids at my high-school, I was drolling over modular synths.

Hans should have said:

A car won't buy you a synth, but a synth can buy you a car.

Incidentally, everytime I get a large chunk of cash from a music project I reinvest it in more music gear, which means I'm 37 years old and I still don't drive a car.
"I'm 37 years old and still don't drive a car"

heh, sounds familiar. I spent the money that was meant for me to buy a car - on a semi modular!
now i dont feel like such a loser...

yay for internet
Hah, I just sold my house and was debating whether to spend some of the money on a modular, or to be, you know, grown up and responsible.

Thanks for setting me straight :-)
too bad I can't live in a synthesizer...
Shit, my synths have not been a very lucrative 'investment', though they better be one day soon!

Sometimes women can just read the 'gearlust' look in a man's eyes. Sometimes a man will tell himself anything to satisfy the gearlust.

All of my synths are objects of lust (oops love) and i am not afraid to admit it.
Group hug for Ortho.
My name is Tom, and I buy gear because I like gear.
(I'm just relieved that this thread has moved away from property prices...)
The Packrat comic is dedicated to everyone who has commented on this article.
My house is not appreciating fast enough. I am getting ready for a big garage sale, and I have over 50k of gear in it.

What for to spend the garage sale windfall? Why, on a modular analog of course. Oh, and a Tesla Coil. muhahahahaha!

My goal is to record the Tesla Coil in new, better, more scientific ways.
If you're gonna get a Tesla Coil, won't you need to save a wad for the elec bill? Might want to take out some life insurance while you're at it. Oh god, and keep the cats away from that thing.
the first commenters obviously commented on this before the housing market crashed.
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