Ebay of the Day: Casio DG20

Hi, its me, Tommy (not to be confused with Tom), back to report on more sound generating plastic stuff. I don't care what anyone says about this, at £16 with two days of bidding left, this has to be the cheapest MIDI guitar solution out there. I own a DG10, the pointless non-MIDI version, but it still rocks, in a kind of plasticy portasound kind of way. If I wasn't so poor I'd snap this right up.

I have one of these and despite my best intentions it's gathering dust. you know the builtin casio sounds anyway, the fun is using it as a midi controller obviously. I usually had it hooked up to my Waldorf Pulse playing freakish noises on it but there's not even a pitchbend in there (biggest omission imho).

if anyone has ideas for circuitbending one of these let me know, it's very tempting to get the builtin drumsection to glitch a little more.
I have the DG-10 and while it doesn't have MIDI, it does sort of "explain" some Casio sounds. Those bad stringed instrument presets that come on every keyboard do actually sound better when strummed on this instrument. I really don't know how to play guitar very much, but having this all-plastic nightmare is very inspirational to pick up the beast. Even the hottest double-neck SG doesn't have built in drum pads, so there...
Yeah I have the DG-20 too and it is just okay. I don't play guitar or any stringed instruments that have frets. But I am into all kinds of alternative controllers. Got this one at salvation army for $20 bucks. I have played this and was a little under whelmed. It was an okay controler for solo lines but anything else, not that great. I lent it to my brother at Berkley, hope he uses it.
I got one of these a few months back on ebay. Paid a little more than folks have mentioned here.

I'm a guitarist of 20 years, i remember these as a kid in the 80s and I wanted one but didn't have the cash back then.

I love the look of it, its the kind of guitar buck rogers would play.

Its kind of cool to play with but the sounds are crap and can be tough to play all notes on a chord in tune (keep getting bum notes). Tightened up the strings and it gets easier.

I'm not into midi or keyboards but my brother gave me some old casio midi thing and i got myself a cable and can play sounds through that now, much more fun. Pitchbending would be cool but I guess there are midi pedals or add-ons that could do that?
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Same here. if you have one, I would also like to buy one. please e-mail me at CAG07F@FSU.EDU
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