Dave Smith Evolver gets handy upgrade

I don't normally post 'x is upgraded to version y' type stories, so this is a bit self-indulgent. But if you own a Dave Smith Evolver, you'll be delighted to hear that V3.0 has just been released here. It adds 43 new midi CCs - so it will be much easier to control with a controller or sequencer. Unfortunately, the upgrade costs $25, and involves a new chip inside the box. But while you're waiting for that to arrive, there's a really good new soundbank, which seems much more logically arranged. And if you haven't got a DSI Evolver, why the hell not? What kind of house can you buy for $499? (thanks for the pic, Corky)

man i freakin asked dave to include this before the first evolvers started shipping... he didnt seem to understand that it was preferable to sysex

kinda sux it has to be a physical modification - im seriously thinking about doing it tho

proud owner of Evolver serial #00056
i always thought upgrades with chips were sexy. lets you respect how it was built more. kids these days and their fancy flash upgrades....
Dudes that can handle chips are way sexyer. Don't be a puss and fork out that $25 like a man.
Its such a cool synth. I have owned the desktop unit since it first came out and it still blows me away. The keyboard version gets me jazzed every time I think about it. All those controls and 4 notes of Evolver power!

Praise to Dave Smith for creating something that really does stand out from the crowd.
If you haven't heard how wonderfull this synth is please feel free to check out some Corky Burger ringtones. Many of them feature the Evolver either up front or creating some background textures. This particular ringtone uses the Evolver for everything. Some multi tracking was used. Enjoy.

Run, Corky, Run! Don't let those wolves catch you.
Ugh, ringtones make me puke, how very chavvy. Never understood why people have tunes on their mobiles, just makes them look a C*nt!
I completely agree with you anon. I was trying to make mini music that I wouldn't mind hearing as a ringtone. BTW whats 'chavvvy'?

still dont own a cellphone

thank god
"BTW whats 'chavvvy'"

It's a British thing... as I understand it, "chav" is kind of similar to the American word "wigger" and is often used to refer to middle-class white kids who wear trainers and track suits and listen to hip-hop music. Not sure what it has to do with ringtones, though...
no, not the w word! Anyway being a chav is all about attitude. Google "chavscum".
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