Crazy German mobile electronic music show

So, every year, German synth types Weltklang put on Star Wars masks, strap boomboxes to their waists and plug in Yamaha DX-200s, a modified Fizmo (ooh, very cool), various Kaoss Pads and a frickin' Doepfer Modular system with a theremin. Then they stroll around town playing music. I wouldn't advise anyone in London to attempt to recreate this video of them performing on the Munich underground, though. (Thanks, Shawn)


They sound like Tonal terrorists.

I play guitar and I have a line 6 flextone 3 guitar amp. This is considered a cardinal sin amongst guitarists as it is didgital rather than valve/tube based.

I don't care though.
that video is really disturbing! and i am not easily disturbed.

i have to admit - this is bad as a motherfucker

i wish the US would tolerate something like this... but alas - dudes would probably get jacked within 2 minutes
i just read more on the bios of these guys - and they are my new heroes
there's a lot of action in the munich underground. check those freaks who play a gig in a subway train:
Which brand are those backpack-style wearable speakers the use in the video? I'd really like to get these for myself.
Found it. They are JVC RS-WP1 boom boxes.
detail photo of the modified fizmo rack are here...
you may find pictures of the mobile Doepfer A100 used at this event at
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