Cosmetic synthesizer design 101

German synth builders Vermona have redesigned their Perfourmer poly analog synth with coloured knobs and wooden end panels (The new version is on the left). It will sound exactly the same, but I suddenly I want to buy it. (Not for $1,099, though) (via Module Records Blog)

Their product page is proud of their coloured Poti knobs!!? Eew. They manage to make something so nice sound ... umm.... unclean.
they need to work on the synth part, not the case
And what's wrong with the Synth part?

Sounds pretty good from my experiences.
Hey, i got to play with one of these for about two weeks and they are reallllllllllllllly useful. Loads and loads of variation of tones are possible (as long as you like analog). I like the new knobs better, but who cares. I don't remember it costing $1100 before though! A lot of cash for what it offers, especially since there are no patch memories.

But if I had the money today I would get one. They are a heap of fun and fatty fat fat.
i'll miss, and prefer, the knurled aluminum knobs. it's a quirky synth that delivers compelling sounds, despite its limitations.
oh, whoops, i thought this was their DRM drum module, not the Perfourmer. They look almost identical.
They do look alike. That is because an End user of the DRM-1 (Mitch Walcott of Axis Records) thought of an idea for Vermona where they would take the concept of the DRM and make a 4 voice synth out of it and wala we have the Perfourmer.
No way dude, that wooden look is excellent, I'm right into that, I think they should have stuck with the 'old-school' vibe :)
It's getting there - white front panel, colour coded knobs... Just needs big Vernier multi-turn knobs on the VCOs, a spring reverb and a VU meter for full retro goodness to be attained.
It sounds like synths I've made in my 100 in 1 kit.
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