Cheer up week: Super-retro Alesis Andromeda hack

It's one thing circuit-bending a £20 toy keyboard (even if, like Highly Liquid you end up turning it into a Awesome Casio SK1 Keytar). It's another thing taking a £1,500 Alesis Andromeda apart and rebuilding it in a slope-fronted oak case, then persuading Alesis to burn you a custom version of the OS with your own personalised logo on it. That's what Khren did, and documented here. He also used to have this, one of the most ludicrous room-sized modulars I've ever seen, but had to sell it. (via the fantastically busy Matrix Synth)

great work! let's hope no one accidentally dents the endcheeks.
Agreed. Amazing how much more inviting it looks when dressed up like this. The alternate front panel color scheme adds to it too.
awesome. maybe he would have wanted the ribbon controller to be on the flat part though? great work though! totally unnecessary!
I thought this was an old photo chopped hoax... am i wrong?
Whoa I think I am Worng, that is amazing!
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