Beastie Boys acapella downloads

Today is Day 1 of Music Thing's official "Let's cheer up the world of music geeks" campaign, after the weekend's sadness. Our first salvo comes from Jan in Berlin who writes: "Check this out. Beastie Boys acapellas, complete with BPMs (except for tricky songs like 'Root Down') for free download. The background image alone is worth it." Send further thoughts to:

awesome. still bummed becuase I just bought a Model D and then this happens :(

it's a start, though :)
that is a really cool photo, but i can't stop thinking of better ways to stack that gear so it wouldn't crash cause someone put there beer on it.
I'm ashamed to say I recognise every pice of equipment in the photo, except... what's that rack marked 'elf-mz' underneath the pioneer spring reverb on the right hand side of the picture?
It's a bag end elf-m2. I googled bag end elf, and got this:
It said elf is extended low frequency. I think it is a filter? Not really sure. I think I really need that re301 there.
what is the thing under the space echo and the unit in the bottom right corner?
I discovered your blog 3 months ago & i am addicted. One of the best arround.
Regarding that Beastie Boys link, have a closer look, it's "BEATSIE" Boys ;)
We're all such losers. Googling 'Bag End Elf' was also the first thing I did when I saw this picture. And I'm none the wiser.
I think it puts more bass in your face.
Elf info:

Part of a monitoring system for subbass?

What's the breakdown on the other gear?
Correction: It puts more bass in YO face...BOYEEEE
OK, I'll start the list: Someone else jump in when I go wrong (won't take long)
From the left: Well, that's a Fender Rhodes, a Sound Burger portable record deck sitting on top of the RE-301 Space Echo. The green glowing, wood covered thing is a Pioneer SR-202 spring reverb. Beneath that, the famous Elf-M2. That's an Acoustic 370 300-watt bass amp - I can't identify the guitar amp next to it. On the floor - a Maestro Echoplex and a Maestro Rhythm'n'Sound. Not sure about that wood-wrapped thing under the Space Echo - looks a lot like a Hammond drum machine, but I can't find the right one on the web.

That was fun!
I almost feel the amp to be an ampeg, but they are usually one to put their scripted logo on the grill cloth (in the photos i see, it's always on the tolex). GOD....loser is fucking right.
correction, I mean they aren't ones to put the logo on the cloth. (cough-loser-cough)
that reverb unit looks pimptastical and they are so cheap. why does it glow so beautiful? does this one have a tube (not that a tube would cause that bright a glow)? I read that others have tubes. does anyone have one who could comment?
I think that pioneer reverb is the transistor version, rather than the earlier tube one.

I saw one of these in a shop a while back...
The glow is a light behind the totally pointless display, which is a rotating plastic tube behind another patterned window.

When you turn the centre reverb balance control the tube rotates as well, giving you a bigger or smaller greenish blob to look at through the window.

This is useful when you need to know the exact reverb amount to size of greenish blob ratio.
I thing someone should start coding a series of green blob based plugins.
we may be losers, but at least we're not gamers. though i do enjoy a good diablo binge now and again. OMFG, I am a gamer and a loser!!
i bet you could shake that pioneer reverb to get some good dub effects. i guess i can do that with the unit in my amp too, but the pioneer has more knobs, and of course there's that green blob.
Maybe grab an SR-303 (blue oval tunnel) or an SR-9 (green oval tunnel); they're easier and cheaper to find comparing to the SR-202. But that green blob is quite tempting.
OK... so there I was wasting time looking for infra parts on the web when I found your questions about the elf-m2. Here's the skinny if you want it:

Bag End has renamed their elf (extended low frequency) processors "infra" (as in infra red light... that below what the human eye can detect). However, the new infra's do the same thing. The driver in your average subwoofer is tuned to resonance (above 20hz) and though some claim to run as low as 20Hz (at or below what the human ear can detect) this rarely happens and when it does it is usually a distorted mess. Fact is, to run a sub driver at such low frequency takes some serious wattage. Most (nearly all) sub cabs are Ported or some type of band pass because this is efficient and, therefore, loud for the power they use. However, they must be tuned to a very limited frequency range.

The boys at Bag End realized that asking a bass junkie to be efficient with power is a little like asking a top fuel pit team to work on their gas mileage. Therefore, they decided to see how low they could go... and forget about how much power they needed. They discovered that if you place a driver in a sealed (NO PORTS) cabinet with far less volume (cubic feet not spl) than that required for resonance tuning it becomes very stable and it's drop off below 20 HZ is extremely predictable (though really high). That drop of is roughly 12db/hz (raising the power demand exponentially).

With that knowledge Bag End built the elf integrator (upgraded to the elf-m and the elf-m2 and now the infra-m and infra-m2) which pretty much bumps the line level signal up proportionally to the signal frequency going down. Now this integrator can't be used with anything other than an elf or infra sealed cab (the life of drivers in band pass or ported cabs would end at the first kick drum). However, when the elf-m2 is coupled with the proper cab and some serious power (about 3 times your mains... 500 watt mains = 1500 watt subs) the infra system has 2 advantages. 1)it doesn't delay the sub as much as a normal crossover. Therefore, the bass doesnt seem as muddled as it does in most systems. And 2) (my favorite advantage) the infra system can drive down to 18Hz and even 8Hz on some systems.
8HZ!!! THAT IS LOW! Remember that the low B on a 5 string is 31HZ and about 36 feet between peaks!

Why go so low when you can only hear down to 20Hz??? Because you can still feel it in the chest.
Soo.... What's the Bag End elf-m2?
If coupled with the right sub and amp it's the thing that turns your innards into a smoothie!

-Old Pro Sound Nerd
(who bought "licence to ill" on tape at ShopKo)
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