Ace rackmounted Mac Mini for music

CDM has the scoop on Christopher Scheidel's very clever live guitar/keyboard setup, built around a Mac Mini running Guitar Rig. This pic shows the original 7" touchscreen, which he has now replaced with a really tiny 2" monitor, which cost him $5. He says if you set the icons to 128 pixels wide, it's clear enough to launch programs and make sure everything's running OK.

Wouldn't the mac overheat, encased in the foam like it is?
Nope, the Mini has vents out the back.
history repeats itself.

this is like an very early version of the original mac! i had seen an early mockup of the mac in 84 that was sort of like this, only the screen was the 10" monochrome.

i would like this setup with a pull out 17lcd rackmounted.

I read somewhere that the Mini's shouldn't be stacked, because even though they vent through the back, they also use the top/bottom a bit. I've also read that it's not a heat dissipation issue, but rather wifi and bluetooth antenna reception that may be compromised. I'd love to stack the puppies, for they are very cute.
macs suck

other than that, its cool
mac's don't suck!

you're a poo head!

its retarded mac lovers like you that make the argument personal instead of letting the product speak for itself... since it cant because it sux

so sorry about that
poop in your pc!
Amiga Rulez!
mac offer a good design, moreover beautiful with a unix based ssystem.

what do you offer Linux ? a little bit too complicated (and i'm a linux lover)
a windows machine : either expensive for the same look or ugly, and i don't speak of windows which is buggy unsecure and the good way to despotism ( search cvista opengl =for example , google is your friend).
Windows is a choice for dummies not serious people.
macs are the choice for serious idiots

amiga does rule tho, so does atari
Amiga rulez graphics more, but Atari rulez midi more.
PCs are generally for people with little or no creativity or imagination. And that's okay. Trust can have Windows to yourself. I've watched 3 DIE HARD PC users make the switch to Mac this past year, and all 3 of them now sit back and laugh at how stubborn they were and how unbelievably happy they are they made the switch. And they all say the same thing...Macs just make sense.
Mac, PC, who the hell cares? My PC does it for me, but I'd be just as happy with my roomates Mac. Only thing that pisses me off about mac is the lack of cheap parts available. (not to mention hillarious free software) PCs are for computer nerds, Macs are for people who just want something simple and reliable. (unless It's OS 9, the worst thing on the planet) : )
Hey guys. Check out my rackmount I've got one on ebay (item #180251945927) or you can go here to see it.
Check my Mac-Mini rack mount:
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