Zoom G9.2tt: A lot of pedal for £279

Zoom have been making cheap but function-stuffed digital guitar gear since about 1989, and they've sold millions of 505 pedals (which are now worth about £15). Their new top-of-the-range thing is the hideously named "G9.2tt" which has an good spec for £279: USB audio interface (which comes bundled with Cubase LE), XLR mic input with phantom power and two real valves. I'm assuming that the broken-looking thing on the right is the "3D control pedal." The black-and-silver styling could be a lot worse (bass players get red). There's also a £239 model with an equally silly name, similar USB interface but no XLR, and some sub-£100 cheapies.

I'm sure it has the rugged build quality Zoom is famous for. Oh, and that it doesn't sound nasally and compressed.
The smaller model (G2) has a 5 second delay time with hold. While it's not a Boss DD-20 or a JamMan, it could serve as a cheap looper. The "Sturdy metal chassis and Rubbery side-guard shell" is also a welcome feature in a market populated with plastic boxes (i.e Korg Pandora, Yamaha Magic Stomp and other Zoom boxes)
the first post was dead on.
the 707 i had for a while was awful, compressed wasn't the word...

and loads of digital artifacts, the slowgear-type fade-in effect was unuseable due to pops and clicks.
the 707 i had for a while was awful, compressed wasn't the word...

and loads of digital artifacts, the slowgear-type fade-in effect was unuseable due to pops and clicks.
I don't think there's much harm in super-cheap guitar effects. When I was 13 in the '80s, I dreamed of saving up enough to buy one digital delay pedal. Now I could get all that stuff for cheap cheap cheap. If it was high-end, it would sound better, but it isn't.
zoom can make heavy duty great sounding stuff - the tri-metal pedal is an example, it is utterly un-zoom, heavy, solid die cast metal, quiet and HUGE sounding.

these new things look like zoom have followed this direction rather than the plastic.
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hey, I happen to love my GFX-8! sure, i started out on a 505 (cheap piece of crap,) but when i got more experienced and made a few bucks, i upgraded. the gfx-8 is all metal construction minus a few plastic stomp buttons.

It's also got hundreds of patches, a programmable pedal (tie it to the volume, or other effects like wah, phase shifter, etc.,) it's MIDI capable, and of course it's got a sampler and a looper built in. I can sample outside sources (such as mp3 or cd players, or a synth,) and control the playback speed of the sample using the pedal. i can also sample the guitar i'm playing directly with one patch, then switch to another patch and play along. on top of all that, if i don't like a particular patch, not only could i download hundreds of others that people before me have made, i can even upload the patches to my laptop, tweak them to my liking, then download them back into the gfx.

btw, i get compliments every time i use it on stage (i send a gibson les paul thru it,) and i spent less than 200 bucks on the box. try duplicating that with the dozen boxes this thing replaces. sure, i'd love to have a separate volume pedal, and maybe a separate wah pedal, but for the money, this thing does it all.
i wonder how the vocal effects will be...
Hey guys these new Zoom effects are incredible, it beats the GT-8 or the Pod Live XT without trouble !! Read reviews on guitargeek forums and other websites, try it, and you won't believe it's a Zoom !!!! Their 32bit processor is a large step ahead of the competition.
yea, I bought the g2 after alot of research, I would not believe this this is zoom--they must have 2 separate developers working on this stuff.. I am a pedal collector & used to be very into a "pure sound" --tube amp, strat & peadls w/ true bypass strip.
I am replacing all my pedals (except for 2 line 6 stomp boxes) - I really can not tell the difference between the g2 & my stomp boxes -& my tube amp sounds better with the g2 in front of it (after much tweeking of course).. but the thing is actually really easy to use..

yea I had the 707 -it is a funny pedal..
only good for really weird effects or maybe something really cheezy..
I just bought this G9.2tt this week and it's pretty damn sh'it hot. You will sound enough like the sound you have in your head almost straight away, but the best thing is figure out those expression pedals and you can switch between sounds so smoothly that one patch with two channels can take you through an entire set. Cool.
Yup, I got one for £200 over at Anderton's Music.

If you want a review I've done a long one over here:


I love it.
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