The Yamaha Tenori-On music box

Tenori-On is a new Yamaha prototype. It's a "personal digital instrument for playing sound and ambient light patterns." It has 256 light-topped buttons, stereo speakers, a scroll wheel, a few more buttons built into the frame, and some wireless function, so multiple Tenori-Ons can jam together. Looks awesome. Not many details, yet, but judging from the sine-wave blips on the Japanese Product Page, it could be the modern day Triadex Muse. More details at: WMMNA and Siggraph. (Thanks, Cikira) UPDATE: Here is a fantastically unhelpful movie. (via CDM)

the artist who made this is Toshio Iwai, who also made Electroplankton for Nintendo DS.
it should also be noted that the individual buttons have 127 steps of 'tilt', sorta like the eraser-mouse thingy on some laptops ..

i can't wait to touch one and play it. hopefully it'll do MIDI ..
wow! I want one.
this would be cool to play
its not a jazzmutant lemur, but i'll take it!!

it better be cheap
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