Wonderful '60s amateur film about home recording

If you've got ten minutes to spare today, make some time to watch Multiple Sidosis. It's a short, home-made film by Sid Laverents in 1969. It opens with Sid on his birthday morning, being given an Akai M8 reel-to-reel four-track by his wife (who shows that mixture of distain, confusion and mild concern that will be familiar to any married gear-head). Sid disappears upstairs to play with his new toy, and discovers it has a sound-on-sound function. He rummages round the house for noise-making devices (a banjo, an ocarina, a jaw's harp, champagne bottles filled with water, a cymbal hanging from a mic stand) and records a fantastic multi-track opus. It will fill your heart with joy!
Although it's based on a true story, and the woman in the film is Adelaide, Sid's real wife, he wasn't really the Mr Average seen at the start of the film. Sid spent decades touring the Vaudeville circuit as a one-man-band, led orchestras on the Florida nightclub circuit and eventually got involved in rocket science. And the film itself was recognised by everyone who saw it as a little piece of genius - it won loads of awards on release in 1970, and in 2000 was the first amateur film to be placed in the National Film Registry at the Library of Congress. And although he's still in his 90s, Sid is still working, selling films by mail order. More on Sid here: Roctober.com, Othercinema.com, San Diego AMC or buy his autobiography 'The first 90 years are the hardest' here. (Thanks Antonio)

I love it!

Not really about the home recording persay. Except that you can do "Sound On Sound". I think its more of a music video for SID.

That will be the day when I can record something like that in one take! This guy is pretty good.

Also goes to show that people who think they are innovative for being One-Person-Bands and working with tape are really not. Its been done since the 60s.
So who needs a DAW? :)

Beautiful little film. Takes me right back to the days of bouncing in mono using two tape machines to overdub new parts.

Kids these days and their computers, I dunno... they never had it so good...

(grumble moan whine I really am turning into a grumpy old man...)
Anyone know if that's maybe a banjo-uke Sid's playing?

Doesn't sound like the similarly sized hybrid banjo-mandolin and doesn't seem to have 8 tuning pegs (as a b. mando would).

Great movie.
:) that's great! Ah, the familiar rummage round the house for interesting sounding objects! :)

I added rudimentary sound on sound to my reel to reel by simply soldering an off switch for the erase head...
It was just mildly amusing for the first few minutes, but starting from about the first moment the "mice" appear it was insanely amusing...

Thanks for the laugh, Sid!
What most of you don't realize is that this guy built his own version of an optical printer by modifying his camera, and multitracked image as well as sound. It evident in the third still frame. Not an easy thing to accomplish.
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