Weird looking cheap electro/acoustic bass

I'd love to see the design brief for this [item #7337782340] bass guitar. "We want something acoustic, but yet heavy metal. Maybe a wooden outline, but kinda rock-looking? And it's got to have lighting-flash inlays, dude!". Amazingly, this isn't a one-off custom horror but a production guitar - there are plenty more. Still, it's only $135, so who am I to complain? (Thanks Tom)

Check out his auction for the compantion guitar to this bass.

Let's see... artificial flowers by guitar: Check! Bathtowel on floor: Check! No proofreading? Check!

You have to enjoy his item description, which boasts that you can practice "incomplete privacy"!

But, in all seriousness, as long as you can "can play like electric Guitar by use EMP", I guess I'd better buy one...
Dude, for $100 how can you go wrong??

I'm personally drooling over the cheapo band instruments. A pocket trumpet for $95?? Hells ya, sign me up. And as someone who played Tuba in school band, it's a shame to see he doesn't offer those for $200.

I too am all for weird cheap instruments! Using proper/expensive gear is cheating! :)

Shame there's not so much cheap gear here in the UK though,..
Anybody actually play one of these things? It says in the description that the wings can be removed... it might be kind fun to mount it on a stand and play it upright, fretted... you'd lose the cheesy wings but keep the rockin' lightnin' bolts...

I'm assuming there's a piezo pickup in that bridge. Dig the fact that it's got onboard processing.
So this is why they're chopping down trees?.........!
That's truly awful! I bet it sounds really bad too.
This comes probably too late, as I think this was posted 2 years ago, but I got one for the hell of it. It's entirely unplayable. An utter piece of junk. Waste of money, unless you want to hang it up on the wall as art.
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