Vocal Writer: nice singing robot for Mac

I was looking for some free singing speech-synthesis software the other day, reading this post from EM411. There doesn't seem to be much for PC, but Vocal Writer does the job very nicely for free ($39 shareware), and it's just been updated to OSX. Listening to this [mp3] sample of the thing singing 'Penny Lane' made my day, and I spent some time fiddling with it at work. It sounds almost exactly like a very badly edited spoken-word recording fed into a vocoder.

Vocal writer can be heard extensively on Simon Postford and Raja Ram's 3 Shpongle albums.
I tried this in OS9 and loved it, I thought it was dead. I'm so glad to see it was ported.
Try the vocal generator that comes with Harmony Assistant - that works on the PC and is really rather good. Can't recall the name of the program now.
'Virtual Singer' which comes as part of the shareware "melody assistant' from http://www.myriad-online.com/en/index.htm
Is great too... It's got a lot of options, you can make some pretty weird voices.... or some fairly (by speech synth stadards!) realistic ones

also you can actually make a synth voice from your own speech!!! Tho it seems a pretty complex process... I haven't really tried yet but could be interesting!

I actually bought 'melody assistant' just for the virtual singer but haven't really got round to doing much with it other than running some Kareoke midi files through it to amusing effect!

Check out also Talk Back to Basics from Man or Astroman? collaborators ORI. It allows you to play the Mactalk voices as instruments... you can assign different phrases at different pitches and play using the mac keyboard... fun... they have various other strange audio apps for mac and windows too:
I know you were looking for a free vocal synthesizer, but you might want to check out Yamaha's Vocaloid, which is the best vocal synth I've seen. The Japanese demos on their site aren't too convincing, but I did a pop song in english that shows how dynamic and realistic the voices can be. http://www.bunk9.com/doubleclick/
I've also been impressed by Vocaloid and VocalWriter.
VirSyn's Cantor is also worth looking at, e.g. their "Rosenfole" demo.
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