Video docs about TB303 and the Amen break

If you can get past the desperately pretentious amateur sociology ("the super-structure of its cultural context is dramtically reconsidered"), Bassline Baseline, Nate Harrison's short video history of the TB303 is quite entertaining. On the same site, Can I get an Amen? is a really interesting history of the Amen break. Just try to avoid the horrible truth that it's actually an 'installation' - a radio show accompanied by a film of a spinning SL1200 and a bald guy in a gallery. (Thanks Tommy and Peter K)

The title of this should read - How to make such interesting and colourful subjects seem boring and grey.

Some interesting facts but trying a little too hard for me.
Some interesting facts - not all of them right, however. If he can't correctly state which waveforms the 303 uses (he says "sawtooth and sine," while every bedroom-producer-dork in the world knows it's sawtooth and square), then one wonders if his other research is equally shoddy.
someone needs to get the beatniks on the phone so they can lynch this moron
Well, I thought the Amen one was interesting. But the guy's voice sounds like a particularly dull speech synthesiser - it's like Stephen Hawking lecturing on breakbeats.
could this guy be ANY MORE BORING!
At first his voice was annoying, but then I came to love it.
Stop moaning... going by his voice, he aint no spring chicken... and he cares for two of the most visceral 'instruments' in dance music history, the 303 and the Amen. If it were any more modern, it would read like an MTV prog... and seem even worse in a few years time. Piss off and listen to your beatniks. Me? I'm ruffin it up with Ceephax and Re-marc.

Also... are you sure he isn't... joking?
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