Two-string bass update!

So, two string basses are everywhere. This is Stig Pedersen from Danish former-hair-metal band D-A-D, with one of his custom-made basses. Seems like the late Mark Sandman from Morphine also played two-string, but didn't have a custom bass and is somehow less entertaining than Stig, who in these pics has the distinct advantage of looking suspiciously like Owen Wilson in Zoolander. Fantastically bizarre Japanese custom bass builders Atlansia made this full-on two stringer (more from their site soon, I think), but there is more. Jens Ritter was commissioned to build a double neck single string bass, but there don't seem to be any pictures online. Anyone?

I always heard Mark Sandman's bass was homemade. That's pretty cool if you ask me.
when it comes to single string virtuosos - i have to refer to that one guy.....

he rules.
Tony Levin had a very nice 3-string Music Man bass which was unfortunately destroyed in his barn's fire some years ago. A (very nice) picture of him riding his Harley with the bass on his back pops from times to times on his website ( - and, yes, I know we are supposed to talk about 2-string basses here !
Thank you for show me a new music world...I'd like to live in nyc.
Chris from Presidents of the USA plays a 2 string bass..
Indeed, the Presidents of the USA only have 5 strings in the whole band!
i make 2 string upright basses, sell em for $30... no kidding,
I made a cardboard box upright bass using scrap oak flooring as the neck, and i made a pickup by breaking away the plastic casing of a Radio Shack Science Project Buzzer, and strings are weed whacker twine and the tuners are faucet-spiggots.
the cardboard bass plays great and sounds wonderfuL.

heres a vid link for proof...
i cant find dates on these posts, but your "$30.00 bass seems to be selling for $100.00! Inflation?
Just for giggles here's another one of Stig's insane base guitar designs... this one is the best though :)
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