Twelve year-old Evan loves synths, sells lemonade

Evan Pfeifer (who may now be thirteen and, like, so not into that stuff any more) has inherited his Dad's modular (and his Keith Emerson fixation). He plays gigs outside his house, and offers lemonade discounts to anyone who buys a CD. Not only does his Dad have a great excuse to spend $$$ on modular gear, he had the presence of mind to buy the great URL:

Lucky! Though, I wonder what he has to endure at school being a synth geek?
Congratulations on being listed on the "Blogs of Note" list!
Probably my favourite blog thus far.

Good Job.
definitely cool!
i'm impressed
My dad wasn't a synth nut, he was a radio nut. When I was 6, he started bringing home tube radios which I'd either a) destroy, b) repair. By the time I was in grade 6 and 7 I'd built several transmitters and jammers (whenever I'd want to watch my show on TV I'd just jam whatever my parents were watching and not my channel - they'd give up, exasperated from trying to adjust the little aluminum foil antenna extensions on the rabbit ears :). Still, it would have been nicer to grow up in a more musical family.
Thanks for posting the info about my son. He still needs a chair to get to reach the sequencer. They do call him the synth kid at school but they think he is cool.
Well, look at that. I'm 13 and it's not as though I've had any real big inspiration to use synths (apart from perhaps my parent's record collection :D) and I've managed to do this:
My bedroom studio has been in use for over three years now.

As for a modular, I'm planning on building the CGS Catgirl modular from kits from Elby Designs.

And the lemonade? Well, it's not a beverage, but I sold my first circuit-bent Speak & Spell on ebay a while ago for £66 using my Dad's account:

Anyway, it's always good to know that there are more synth-teens out there. :D
Sorry, forgot the music link:

Future Image
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