Spoof software that actually, you know, does something

Frogplays is a VST plugin designed for mastering use. With almost uncanny accuracy, it emulates the sound of your track being played at a large festival by an over-enthusiastic DJ. Who happens, in this case, to be a frog. It seems to have been designed by German coders Prodyon. [Download]. While we're here, it's probably only right to link to PSP Flight, the world's first (and only) VST game, designed so long ago that it's a bit too fast to actually play on my PC.

I lauged so hard my pants fell off!
Tobybear did a VST chess game, too.

Unfortunately, the link for this particular item is no longer existant.
I really wanted to see it, too.
Ha, I was speaking with the guy that owns an audio mastering studio (www.bassdress.com) and we were speaking about this very idea... I think I will need to start patenting my stupid conversation ideas from now on :-D
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