Sofa as MIDI controller

A German designer calling himself Seppoman has built a Midibox control system into a sofa. If two people are sitting down, they can output three control values each - left and right buttock weight and how far the person is leaning back. Obviously, the possibilities are pretty much endless. If you've got shares in keyboard manufacturers, sell them now. [More info]. Previously, Seppoman built this incredibly cool rackmounted Commodore 64 SID synth. (Thanks to Tommy and his recently updated website)

Ich bin der Himmel!

hehe couldn't help but think of this:'t_Do_That_On_Stage_Anymore_Vol_1.html#Sofa1
pimp my ride did the same thing with four of the five seats in josh's 2003 toyota corolla =P
Great idea! Just fabulous sofas! I love them!
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