Rock Gods of Rock

I know nothing about it, but Rock Gods of Rock is a very funny short manga-style cartoon about a band who are transported to Saturn to rid the galaxy of R'n'B. Imagine Daft Punk's Interstella 5555, only worth watching, and you're along the right lines. (Thanks, Adrian)

Words cannot describe how awesome that was. You've just made my evening
Ha, that was fairly amusing!!

I quite like Interstella 5555, but then I am an animator. :)

The best guitar-related anime (and pretty much a high point of animation generally as far as i'm concerned) is FLCL. including... motorised left-handed Rickenbacker!!
You're making the mistake of confusing true r'n'b (i.e. Rhythm 'n' Blues) with this modern dance music with lyrics crap called r&b. One's got an 'n' in the middle and the other (the hideous kind) has an ampersand.
yes, and other non-rock music
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