Planetary synthesis for beginners

Kaden writes: "Serious synthesists use a $30,000 custom spec'd Wiard/Blacet hybrid modular driven by an open source Max/MSP fractalizer algorhythm with a neurofeedback front end to get this EXACT SOUND.
"Nasa uses a planet. Show-offs."

Wow. Sounds like the soundtrack to Forbidden Planet, which was made by Bebe and Louis Barron who constructed custom circuits and messed about with them.
I second the Forbidden Planet comparison, but it also sounds like David Kristian's Cricklewood CD.
Wow! That's amazing.
You can make something similar out of any data you find using this online program. the new blogspot for them is also and to recreate student compositions visit
Actually the sound reminded me of some pieces I made. I´ll leave here link to an article I wrote after this one in case it may be of interest :)
The article says that the length of the sound has been compressed from 24 minutes down to 73 seconds, and the frequency has been lowered by a factor of 44! I wonder what the sound 'really' sounds like!
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