Obscure effects box is most high-tech thing imaginable

Tim writes: "Those wacky humorists at The Onion decided that an Alesis AirFX made a sufficiently plausible stand-in for a futuristic "Playstation 5" videogame console. I was amused." [link] More AirFX humour here.

Wow, a friend of mine at work has had this up on his cube wall for a couple years now. No says god! Anyways, yeah, as the only audio geek at work I always had to enjoy the humor of them using the effects processor by myself. Finally, I am part of a group.
You're among friends here...
I think Airfx, most theremins and pactically all circuit bent instruments and toys are crap!!
there i said it. Any comments?
How about: who cares what you think?
whatever Yeti, i read your blog and it sucks! :)
You asked for comments!

my blog does suck tho - ive got so much other shit to work on instead
yeah, i was curious to see what other people think, but it's ok, my blog sucked too, so much that i took it offline.!
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