Motu Digital Performer v4.6 features 'More Cowbell'

Matthew writes to point out that not only does the new version of MOTU's Digital Performer sequencer contain 19 different flavours of metronome click (!), one of them is 'More Cowbell'. We don't get SNL in Britain, so I have only the faintest understanding of the 'More Cowbell' cult (here's the original video [wmv, surrounded by junk]). True geeks will, of course, be glad to see the legendary Urei 964 digital metronome is also on the list...

Apparently. The developers at MOTU, had a fever. And the only presciption. Was more cowbell.
"I put my pants on, just like the rest of you - one leg at a time. Except, once my pants are on - I make gold records."
Typical MOTU - lots of metronomes, but still crashing. Thanks jerks! This Digital Performer user is about to switch...
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