MoreMe: Super reliable headphones for $20

Texan studio owner Harvey Gerst was sick of spending money on headphones for his studio, which always ended up being broken by the bands he recorded. So he did some research, and is now selling his own brand of cheap, rugged, reliable headphones, called "MoreMe". For $20 a pair. This was his design brief: "you need 'really loud' first, 'great isolation' second, 'good sound' third, and 'rugged construction' fourth." (via Gearslutz) UPDATE: Looks like Maplin sell a very, very similar looking pair for £7.99 here. (Thanks, Ruaidhrí)

From the "MoreMe" site:
"every set I bought (around 15 of them, at $40 a pop) are now busted. $600 down the drain."
"pair of Sony 7506s, all with only one side working. Another $500+ down the drain. I have 8 pair of Grado SR-60s and SR-80s; only one of them is still working."

He should have bought Beyerdynamic DT100s or DT150s. They are pretty much standard in UK studios as they are very reliable, and if they do break you can replace every single part easily. Really comfortable to wear too, and little spill gets out.

The lead is also plugged into the side of the headphones rather than permenantly connected. You can undo a little screw on this plug so it pulls out if yanked, rather than pulling all the wires out of the cans.

I love me DTs!
These look near identical to ones Maplin sell -
They are sturdy, closed backs, a mono switch so you can feed them direct from an Aux buss, and get sound in both ears, or alternatively use the volume controls on each ear if you take one side off.

are the UK distributors.. They don't supply the headphones to any shops as yet. However they are happy sell individual units to people. @£26.95 plus $4.00 P&P

You can email them, they're pretty helpful.
These are the pyramid hp-20 headphones, marked up $10, with a sticker or two added... kind of lame
Lame? Here in the colonies, Pyramid does not really support their products. The headphones with the volume controls suck; they'll blow out if you just look at them wrong. If I'm gonna be the only person willing to support them and guarantee them, why should I push their product? I modify them and I put my name on them.

BTW, the Deluxe versions are not Pyramids.
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