More cool cheap transparent guitars

Love Is Music is an eBay store selling great-looking plexiglass guitars. They do a Strat, a Les Paul and a mini Flying V for $110 to $160. I'm not completely sure that gold hardware and plexiglass go together, and they don't have the built-in amp that this one had, but they're still ace. (Thanks, Tom)

I just came across your blog and have to say it is great. I am a big music and art fan and love having new and interesting things to read about. GREAT job! Keep it all going.
Can anyone give me an item number or auction link that isn't raped by referrals? Thanks.
Raped by referrals?? what are you taking about?? they just help to maintain this site with small financial contribution, besides behold the power of the search function on eBay main page plexyglas guitar will yield the result you are looking for.

My original idea was to point out the fact that they must have a hardtime taking pictures of those things, cause after all they are CLEAR and see through!!! Its like they are invisible!!Dude!
Do you think 'raped' is an appropriate word to use about an eBay affiliate link? Would you say the experiences were similar?

What happens is I get 5 cents if you click through then bid on something (or about £10 if you decide to register on eBay after following a link)

Since I introduced the ebay affiliate links, I've started putting the item number as the link. In this case, you're not linking to an item but a eBay shop, which is called 'Love is Music'.

Go to and type in 'Love is Music' and you'll get there.

But please don't come back to Music Thing. Thanks.
Tom, don't let the bastards grind you down.

Some Digging around shows that "Grand" guitars are manufactured by the Young Heung Cemical Co. of Seoul Korea. They also offer many traditional wood instruments.

The Harmony Central reviews look good, and there's just no beating the price. The worst thing that could happen is that the neck warps, and then you just call our friends at Warmoth.
I couldn't give a fuck about the financial / moral implications of referrals.


OK anonymous, I'd like to help.

Calm down.

Take a deep breath.

Let's just walk over to this other blog, shall we?

Yeah, this one just over here looks nice, doesn't it? Look! Words and pictures and, yes, lots of lovely links.

Aaah. Here we are. Take a seat!

Now you can click on their links, I'm sure they're very nice.

Thanks for visiting!
What happens is I get 5 cents if you click through then bid on something (or about £10 if you decide to register on eBay after following a link)

Well, I hope you earn your fortune.

Anyway, aren't blogspot blogs free?
The first transparent guitar I ever saw was played by Mason Williams on some variety show. (I think it was The Smothers Brothers.)

It was an acoustic-style, not electric, and a goldfish was swimming around in the body while he played Classical Gas.

I wish I had that on video....
Transparent guitars!? Holy...
Gah, what a playa-hater! Do you think Anon's really just mad cuz you're makin any money at all? I doubt that the links don't work in his browser, and anyway, if so, BIG FUCKING DEAL! Stop actin like a bitch, you scared!

"Anyway, aren't blogspot blogs free? " Nyaaa! What's yer point?
Ampeg tried this briefly, and the sonic results were supposedly quite good, but the whole instrument was heavy enough to push your feet through the floorboards.

I bet the weight per square inch is something more than solid walnut, but maybe less than ebony.

The Anon with the "rape" comment was way off base either from a rape victim or web site's point of view. My condolences, Tom, great site, and I hope you keep it up.
Well I just came across this site I guess by accident,the ironic thing is that I have a transparent guitar. It was christmas 1984,and have never put it down.I must say ,you`d think it would be heavy but really its not that`s a strat copy made by El Degas.but after I got my first full time job it got a makeover...Floyd rose tremolo,Seymour Duncan "hot rails" And a Lasido Candian made neck.It sounds awesome.If any one wants to see it email definitely a one of a kind peice of gear..
I got a full size flying v. I also poasted it on Harmony Central. Its a great guitar, and its not too heavey. The electronics sucked though. I put new pups in it and cleaned up the rest of the wiring. The nut had to go too, it was fractured. A littel leveling of the frets and this baby sings its ass off. Ive played pro 40 yrs and build alot of guitars myself but couldnt touch this for the price. Cant go wrong here. Bill Gary
Great site.

Would just recommend you to visite Used Gibson Guitars for cheap Gibsons as mentioned here.

First off I like the Article , 2ndly I'm one of maby a few that have purchased one of these Acrylics I saw the mini flying V seeing that I have never seen one before, I couldn't pass it up.
He's a Great seller and has fast shipping, nice n nuzzled in its "upteenbillion" foam peanuts it was well packaged, the only complaint i had with it,,which isn't really a complaint is that the strings that come with it are old, so i deffinatly recomend getting some new ones other than that Great guitar nice sound to it, ive got pics in the URL.
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