Moog about to release two analog delay pedals

MacMusic says that Moog are about to release two new analog delay pedals, to replace the long discontinued MF-104, which now regularly sells for over $1000 on ebay. There will be a limited-to-250 MF-104SD special, with 1.4sec delay, and a mass-produced MF-104Z, with 1 second. Very cool, but still $749! Alternative analog delays include the Zvex Lo-fi Loop Junkie (up to 20 sec delay for $325) or the re-issued Ibanez AD9 (300ms for $140).

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As far as i know the z.vex loop junky is not a delay at all, but a looper.
There are some delays that also loop and some loopers that also function as a delay, but the z.vex is not a delay to my knowledge.
Clear as mud?
I always thought that Moog should make other things besides the Voyager and these oversized stompboxes. As great as the insides may be, i think the moogerfooger design is a bit awkward for anything but guitar playing...
I agree 100% with jb. Moog used to make great sounding and really cool looking rack effects... now there are only the unwieldy and unattractive moogerfoogers.
Maxon have also re-issued an AD9 which is more true to the original.

According to analogman: There is an Ibanez AD9 out now, which is cheaper as it uses cheap Chinese delay chips. It does not sound as good with those chips. The Maxon AD9 uses VERY expensive, rare Panasonic chips- MN3205 4096 stage bucket brigade chip and MN3101 clock chip, just like the vintage delays, to get it's awesome sound.
Doh! Try analogman...
Don't forget the Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man and Stereo Memory Man. Both reissued, both still analogue.

The ZVex Lo-Fi is a looper, it doesn't offer any 'delay' effects (but it does have adjustable depth and speed vibrato on the stored loop).
One thing that makes the MF-104 stand out above other delays is voltage control. You have CV ins for delay time, feedback and mix.
It's more like something from a modular synth than a stomp box.
also, the ZVex lo-fi loop junkie is NOT analog. AFAIK it is based on one of those ISD series voice recorder ICs which are also used in newer answering machines.
if you are interested in building one of those check out the forums at and use the search function!

cheers, maximee
OK, so the Zvex is not a delay, but it is analog...
"It uses really bizarre technology that literally crams analog signals into static digital storage cells without a-to-d conversion. That’s right… THERE IS NO ANALOG TO DIGITAL CONVERSION. It’s pure analog storage, just like the old bucket-brigade technology, for 20 seconds straight. It would take 25 800ms analog delay pedals to hold the loop that this thing can play. For those of you who know how an a-to-d converter works, I offer this brief explanation: Inside the big fat chip, the voltage of the analog signal is sampled thousands of times per second and stored in sample-and-hold cells. The voltages of these individual cells are transferred using a horrifying silicon machine that squirts charge (something like a caulk-gun) into digital storage cells normally designed to hold ones and zeros. When the circuitry decides that the voltage in the cell is close enough to the sampled voltage (who can predict?) it moves on to do it again. It’s like some kind of electronic Russian roulette, where the recording may or may not be accurate when compared with the original, but at least no computer ever puts its paws on the signal. Dig? There are no computers and no a-to-d conversion chips in this pedal!
From: this product page
Wow, awesome bucket-brigade discussion!

I agree also that the MF cases need redesign. I hate all the I/O being on the back. Let's bring back the cables up front y'all. The FX loop on the MF delays is realllly fun, as is the VC control, but Memory Mans are still so classy (and cheaper). Chwa-chwa-chwa-chwa... (feedbacking)

Bring on the MF chorus/flanger next!
hmmm...if you're looking for looping like the ZVEX and analog like delays functionality,i'd take a look at manecoloopers

no info in how to obtain them,though...

i have used a bunch of delays -and nothing comes close to the sound of the moogerfooger - the clarity - the warmth - a memory man sounds awesome, but the expressiveness and tonality is not even close.
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