Metasonix Butt Probe is available!

Eric writes: "Metasonix introduces an all-new effect pedal which is aimed at the "Butt Guitarist" crowd. Because guitarists deserve, and WANT, some anus-stretching.
"The Metasonix TX-2 is entirely made of vacuum tubes. To be specific, three type 4BN6 beam modulator devices. They were intended for use in crummy TV sets as FM detectors, and were NOT meant for audio processing applications. They SUCK. Really, really, badly.
"...The third tube provides an extra way of modulating the distortion. Basically, it is wired as a very bad bandpass filter. Filter center frequency is controlled with a "Vactrol" type optical resistor, and swept continuously with a low-frequency oscillator built into the TX-2. The sweep may be disabled by turning down the SCREW knob or by plugging an unassigned 1/4" plug into the CV IN jack. If the latter is done, the SCREW knob will tune the filter manually, giving a vast range of NAUSEATING tonal effects not obtainable with any of the existing effect pedals on the market. Anal lubricant is not included."
The Butt Probe costs $549, in a Ltd edition of 100, and comes complete with a manual illustrated by our very own Dave Lovelace. Sound samples on the Metasonix site.
UPDATE: Dave is selling his Butt Probe here.

I want to see a cross-over site with the Metasonix Butt Probe and Goatse. If you don't remember Goatse, read on the Wikipedia and do some googling.

Mr. Goatse could be Metasonix' spokesanus.
Yeah, my illustrations for this are so foul I won't even put 'em on my website for fear of my service provider yanking me. They're that foul. Metasonix loved them of course, and I got one of the first TX-2's in exchange for it all.

And yes, it does suck, but in all the best ways.

Secret trick straight from the factory to you: remove a black plastic hole cover near the "REAM" knob (?!) and stick a screwdriver in there to adjust LFO rate.
Can't wait for their next "ANAL GANG RAPE" freakin bleeds on you!!!
WooHoo! Just got one of these....
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