How to build a working pipe organ out of paper

For £19.95, this site will sell you a kit to build a working organ made out of paper, with 8 pipes and a punched-paper sequencer. This page explains how it works, and this page has big colour pictures of the pages before they've been assembled. By way of tribute, MT reader Tim writes: "I've found the following free download+printable paper instruments in order of decreasing playability: Ocarina (i tried this one a while ago, works pretty well!), Japanese Paper Drum Kit, and Acoustic Guitar. Time to start a paper band!"

And then tape a homemade body contact mic to them! -sean
I just love this website. There's no way I would've found out about this kind of stuff elsewhere. Thanks Tim.

*Paper Pipe Organs* HA!
I build the organ a few years ago. It sounds great.
Oh I want one of these, seriously.
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