Free the guitars from this robot menace

Interesting how one man's kitsch is another man's science project. Just weeks after Peter Jackson's Robot Band was revealed to a shocked world, students at Georgia Institute of Technology (good initials!) have delivered 'Crazy J', a guitar-playing robot clad in stylish matt aluminium. Disappointingly, the sound clips are surprisingly lifelike. If 'Crazy J' gets together with P.E.A.R.T, then we've got ourselves a robotic White Stripes!

"......and we've got ourselves a robotic White Stripes"

Ermmm, I thought we already had one of those?
i'm not very interested in guitar music, will someone please build a robot who plays the laptop?
y'know what? How 'bout lets just forget about music robots altogether. Dumb and boring.
Even "random" music is better.
ok maybe that was a little harsh. The 'work' involved was probably pretty interesting, but I just don't think the concept is all that imaginative. The cloud-harp is marginally more interesting, but only 'conceptually'. then again i think fractals are cool and fibonacci was a genius.
Captured By Robots is a cool band
Well it's about time somebody gave those dang guitar players their comeuppins! Now the OTHER band members may have a shot with the chicks!
:O) Robots are always cool.
Captured! By Robots is a great band.

2 robotic drummers, a robotic brass section, a robotic tamborine player, a robotic guitar player, and a singer
If this thing ever needs pickups:
Doesn't a player piano essentially solve the same "problem"?
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