Fantastically strange French music toy

THIS shockwave music thing from French arty types Le Ciel Est Bleu (The sky is blue) is absolutely the strangest music interface I've ever seen. I'm not even going to try to describe it, but it just stole 15 minutes of my life.

This reminds of my old Tridex Muse, but is amazingly cooler!

- Steve P.
only 15 minutes? i've just spent over an hour playing with this baby.
you can actually 'play it' once you suss what noises the different tubes make...and what effect the 'recycle beans' function has on the rhythm...

great fun.
Is anyone familiar with the little symbols they use to indicate the scales that you can set the bean launchers to give off.
you gonna think i'm some saddo now but i've sat and tried to study the different scales.
the symbols don't mean a particular scale as such, in the conventional sense - they're just a way of representing the scale, in a crazy french art way.

they are all very similar but each scale selection introduces a key change which is how you can hear certain 'chromatic dissonances' at times when changing between two scales (or have the bean launchers set to opposing scales...)

the first 'up arrow' is I iii V, II IV VI.
'down arrow' and 'zig zag' is the same but in reverse order and then up/down.
the treble clef is: I II IV V VI
the infinity sign is the same as up arrow but played in different order.
2 petals: I IV V VI vii
3 petals: I ii IV V vi vii
4 petals: I iii IV V vi
5 petals: I II III IV VII
Full flower: I IV V vi VII

it's a very clever little system.
hat goes off to the designers - highly entertaining. the 3 petal is my favourite. very andalusian :-)

the above information is offered purely in the interests of my own musical education and i reserve the right to be completely wrong...
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