eBay of the Day: Casio KX-101 Keyboard Boombox

If you've been looking for a keyboard boombox ever since this post, eBay item #6196745637 is pretty much perfect. The seller says: "While it seems that most people regard this incredible piece of engineering as a boom box with a keyboard built in, I have used it more a synthesizer with a tape deck built in". Four days to go, $77. (thanks to Circuit Master, whose Get LoFi blog is ace)

I have this box!! Its fairly fantastic- if anyone has a hookup on manuals or knowledge of its memory functions pleaaaaase contact me. seanATencyclopediapicturaDOTcom
Thanks for the item number.

That is a seriously cool thing. Would love to see it played on stage, with someone wearing it from a strap.
This was *the* thing to have in the Argos catalog back in the day!
'would love to see it played...'

buy it for me and i WILL strap this desirable baby on and play with it on stages from australia to the artic.

;^) - actually, i'm NOT kiding...
I have the manual for the KX101. It is a very complex piece of equipment, simply amazing!!! Contact synthartist34atyahoo
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