eBay of the day (1): Ionic Performer

Item 7338442083 is a very rare and culty Ionic Performer, which is - roughly speaking - a EMS VCS3 built into a huge keyboard for the American market (it seems to have been a rip-off produced by EMS' former US dealership). So, Britain got a tiny, beautiful, wood-encased thing with a fantastically complicated matrix patchbay, and America got a big keyboard covered in red buttons and a manual which declared 'no talent required'. This one is apparently not in perfect condition ("It hisses like a Madagascan cockroach most of the time"), but is currently just $71. To learn more about the Performer, or download a VST emulation, visit this fantastic page. (Thanks Blake)

this thing will easily go up to 7100$ before the auction is over

holy shit ive wanted an EMS synth so badly, for so long - my testes fell off
but I hear EMS still makes 'em even though the web site hasn't been updated since the time of Christ.
Has anyone tried the VST?
Proud owner of an EMS Synthi AKS....
damn you to hell for driving up the prices on these things
yeah, MT might've dragged the price up there, but I wouldn't have even known about the listing in the first place otherwise.

If you're seriously considering buying something cool and you're worried about me mentioning it on MT, write me a note. In return for a promise that you'll write something for me (about the cool thing) if you win the auction, I'll hold off writing about it. People have done this in the past, and I'm happy with the arrangement.
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