Crazy soviet vinyl / reel-to-reel combo

Make links to this great museum of old russian radios from the 1930s-'60s. The most intriguing is this image (from the 'Author's exposition in Karelian State Museum' section) of a reel-to-reel tape recorder apparently powered by a vinyl record player. The full pic shows a microphone and some kind of control box/power supply. Anyone know anything about this? More to the point, anyone want to reverse engineer it and create some kind of awesome vinyl/tape DJ setup?

There was a British made version of the same idea, called the GramDeck.

has some nice pictures of it.
That gallery is rockin'. How is it the Soviets never quite managed to take over the world with that kind of advanced technology?
I just spent a week in Ukraine and I saw quite a few sovet radios, unfortunately most were broken.
Broken is even better; then one has no qualms about gutting them, installing Mini-ITX motherboards and making them into kick-arse MP3 jukeboxes/embedded Linux web servers.
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