Cool video-game nerdcore track on Remixfight

I really like Remixfight because it provides two of the things that are most lacking in my own music making efforts: Inspiration and a deadline. Every couple of weeks, they post the parts to a song. You can remix the track, post it, and the tracks get reviewed and rated. Some of the last few tracks have been a bit iffy, but I've been inspired by 'Piece Of My Heat' by The Def Author - a rap about playing Duck Hunt on the NES, containing the immortal lines: "1986, a boy with few friends, so I knew when it came out/ That I needed a Nintendo... Can I tell ’em that I really never had a gun?/But with my NES I knew I'd learn to use one." You've got until Sunday, 17 July at 10am PST to finish your mix.

Hey, thanks for this link! I feel the same way about how it provides inspiration and a deadline, two things lacking in my music making. Also important for me is that it provides material to work with. It's great to see what other people are doing too...

Thanks for the link, now I gotta get back to remixing ;)

There's an even better NES rap song - "Warp To World 6-9" by Benefit. Awesome (and x-rated) track about the author getting completely the wrong end of the stick while playing Super Mario World.
i'm glad you guys dig remixfight. we're always lookng for new source tracks, if you're interested.

tom, have you submitted a remix before?
No, this will be my first time
i have no idea what any of the techno stuff is for but i'm sending this site to a friend who does!
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