Complete PC/Gameboy live rig in a toolbox

This is the live rig built by noisy techno producer 8 Cylinder (sample track titles: 'There's no pussy in web hosting', 'If Nobody Releases This On Vinyl Then The Terrorists Win' and my personal favourite: 'Maintaining Amateur Status So I Can Compete in the Breakcore Olympics'.)
He turns up, plugs in the white power lead, and he's ready to go: "The bottom drawer contains a working computer with a VIA EPIA V motherboard & cpu, memory, hard drive, cd rom drive, fans, power supply, and cables. The middle drawer contains a usb audio interface, roll-up keyboard, mouse, and a Gameboy running Sludgeon2. The top contains a midi controller, power cables, surge protector, and a crappy lcd screen mounted to the bottom of the lid." More details - and be sure to check out his Gameboy software. (Thanks Dave)

Gosh. How convenient this would be to nick. OK. So it's actually a pretty good idea. Pity my toolbox only contains a hammer, screws, and the little keys that IKEA gives you with every piece of fibreboard.
it seems kind of heavy. needs more carbon fiber.
Oh,I just found that Sludgeon2 is out! Great!!!

Thanks , U 8Cylinder is really a great geek :D

I even dream that he can combine the Sludgeon2 , Shittrack and so on .. to make a great portable GB studio suitable both for performance and arranging!
first off, I'm with Ortho - Tom, hope you and yours are all okay.

back to the 8Cylinder - if you go to the page, make sure you scroll down to the bottom, to the vari-speed tape playback crank; brilliant! I can't wait to mod one of my school-surplus tape decks to "handle" one (bad pun! bad!)

- housepig
All is well at Music Thing Towers, thanks for your concern. Busy work + half a day spent watching the news = no time to post.
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