Another new analog delay pedal

Summer NAMM starts on Friday, so expect a steady stream of mildly interesting new products over the next few days. First up is the Memory Lane analog delay pedal from Diamond Pedals. It seems very cool. It's the first analog delay I've heard of with tap tempo, and is built around vintage Panasonic memory chips. At $429, it looks like good competition for those new Moogerfooger delays, if you don't need the modular synth connections (or extra-long delay times). (via Harmony Central)

Thanks for that!!! I know a bunch of guitar geeks that will love tap tempo on a modulation delay.
Are these analog delay pedals noisy? I like the texture they produce a lot, but as a guy who's used to DAW plugins, I can't deal with noise.
can't wait to hear this one. i wonder what happens when you tap tempo while regenerations are happening? i am an oldschool memory man guy, being that i can't stand digital delays that convert the straight signal to digital and back. i can my no means afford a moogerfooger delay, especially since I love the sound of slightly modulated delays, and the moog requires that one use their control processor to do that (!) i'm sure the moog sounds great, i have the MuRF and love it, but $1K? geez.
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I have this pedal, one of the first ones off the assembly line actually. It, simply put, kicks ass. To answer Todd Fletcher, not noisy AT ALL. Very warm, rich delays and the tilt EQ produces some very interesting effects. It might be a while before you can get your hands on one of these - I'm pretty sure they're significantly backordered and in high demand. Worth every penny!
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