What's Meg White Playing?

So, I was trying to find a picture of the very cool giant red & white marimba that Jack White is playing on stage at the moment, when I stumbled across this great Flickr photoset of a Stripes gig in São Paulo last week. What is that thing that Meg White has next to her drum kit? It looks like some kind of multi-coloured salt & pepper set, but I can't really see why she'd need that on stage...
UPDATE: Colleen, the 'Stripes UK representative says: "Not being the techy type, I don't actually know what it's called, but it makes bell sounds - Meg plays it on the new song 'Red Rain'. You'll get to see it in action at Glastonbury!" Anyone?

It's gotta be a substitute for a bass guitar. They're a two-person band with 1 electric guitar and 1 acoustic drumset, for god sakes!
Yeah, and a band HAS to have a bass guitar, don't they?

No...but I doubt Jack uses an octave pedal on every song. Don't get me wrong, I like the band. I just hope Meg White's device is some sort of MIDI controller to enhance their stage presence. Who am I to speak, though? I talk to laptop artists during the week. "Did he just turn a knob?" "I don't know, but he's still sitting down and staring at that screen. Maybe he'll add new pictures to the collage projected on the wall."
there seems to be a pair of microfones pointing to the thing (down and right from the big cymbal). so it must be an acoustic instrument. whatever it is...
the mics arnt on it..,

on looks like its for vocals, and the other for the crash...

looks kinda like a keyboard?
maybe its pressure pad midi keyboard which can trigger samples when hit with a drum stick! just like pads, but allowing for chromatic-ness
Here's another picture of the entire stage. I think those microphones are for her vocals and the cymbal to the right. I'm still looking, but I think it's an old analog machine, like a non-MIDI Marimba Lumina. Some sites keep mentioning a toy piano/triangle sound on one of their songs as opposed to the marimba which is also on stage.
i'm not talking about those mics, but the two smaller mics _under_ the thing. they're mounted on a 2-in-1-bracket (allows two mics to be mounted on one mic stand). would make sense to use two mics ot pick up the sound as this thing is quite wide...
Could they be children's chromatic desk bells:
like this nice kit for $77 mounted onto a custom-made stand?
Tom said...
Could they be children's chromatic desk bells:
like this nice kit for $77 mounted onto a custom-made stand?

YES! I think we have a winner. That would explain that pair of mics underneath. Good find!
uh, ya bells.. just.. look at how her belly bulges over her belt. looks like mine! (is that a good thing now? *lol*)
Who cares? She's a shitty drummer.
Yes, I agree, shitty gimmicky drummer.
Yeah, but she's so gracefully reckless and jaded...
I don't have much to add, but I think "What's Meg White Playing?" should become a weekly feature.
She's a better drummer than I am... and I'm a better drummer than my computer is... it's all relative, baby.
"What's Meg White Playing?"

4/4, man, 4/4


a bonang?

Playing something besides drums? Maybe she should learn drums first. I would be shocked if she could walk and chew gum at the same time.

Also - is "gracefully reckless and jaded..." a synonym for crap? Did they say the same about Syd Vicious?
Mmmm...sweet. Meg White gets thrashed even before I arrive in-thread. I am very happy to see that her ineptitude is recognized by more people than me.
they are bells used for the song 'red rain'. she plays some other (tall stand up) drums and a triangle on 'passive manipulation'. and she plays the bongos on 'as ugly as i seem'.

and she plays the organ too...
You guys who are guessing about jack's "bass guitar" parts and necesity for bass in a band are obviously not bass players, guitar players, luthiers or at least not good at guitar or bass. HE DOWN-TUNES HIS GUITAR. it's very simple. he didn't even have access to a bass when he made "the white stripes" ST album and most of "de stijl"
meg white only played drums for 2 months before they began recording their first album (self-titled).

the gimmicky comment really doesn't have merit. she doesn't have a gimmick, she's just bad. if inexperience is a gimmick then sure but i wouldn't say that.

that dude who was raggin' on meg white personally and challenge her intelligence is obviously either not a man or a man with tiny tiny nuts.

i too am a drummer and i'm better than the rest of the drummers on here. i can promise you all that.
i think she is cool but she cant drum :D
Who cares if you think she can't drum, they make fucking music and don't bother wasting their time online moaning. I think she'll get over the ribbing from you lot, that is if she cared in the first place. Now fuck, off, grow up, get a life and find someone else to bitch about pointlessly.
I agree with the post above this one, no sense in totally bashing someone online who probably won't ever read it. I think that she's cool and drums well. Listen to "Fresh Air, Jack White and Meg White," for stuff on drumming but come on if you're going to bash her send her an email.
First of all, Meg has instinct. She can read Jack like a book. Can the rest of you say that? Not to mention she is cool enough to get up on stage and play the way she wants to play, mind, she has enough flack from egotistical pricks. Charlie Watts has his own style, which isn't too far from what Meg is doing. Sure, she may not practice rudiments or perform such rudiments at shows, but honestly, she knows what she's doing and it works for the people who know what music is all about: expressing yourself.
I suppose that ideal left you when you decided to play more with your dick than your heart.

- Ashley
to all these people that say that meg white cant drum, are you just saying that because you dont like the white stripes music? because thats bull shit. she plays the drum differently, im not an expert but surely theres not a set way to play the drums. stop being so narrow minded and silly and to the person that is like, 2 comments up from me, i totally agree but arent you moaning online just like the others? :s
I totally agree with the person who commented above. I'm no expert either, but I agree there is no set way to play the drums. She's gotten quite comfortable with her playing, and it shows. I'm happy for her and Jack and all the success they have.

- Ashley
meg white has a non-technical style, so what?? not everybody has to or even SHOULD be john fucking bonham...
I have been playing drums for 25 years in all sorts of bands & played all sorts of music from funk to country to metal .. everything .. I think Meg White's simple playing style is somthing a whole lot of drummer could learn from .. playing drums is about keeping everything in time & pounding that beat home , not how many fills you can throw in & how fast you can do them ... ROCK ON MEG !!!! .. Ziggy ... www.mamakinrocks.com
Oh , & if you had a picture of "that thing" , I could probably tell you what it is .. Ziggy .. www,mamakinrocks.com
Talking technique is a slippery slope.

Rock music requires very little technique when compared with most jazz and all classical music. Does that make rock music bad?

Of course not.

Megs drumming fits the songs. That is ALL that matters.
why all the negatve comments about Meg's drumming?

Her style fits the music that Jack is playing, if they had a drummer who does all the fancy dan stuff they wouldn't be the band that they are

all of you who reckon she's crap get a fucking life or get a fucking record contract yourselves.

Their show last night was great
jack has a bass guitar piano player, the picture you posted is no longer there.. but if you mean it by anything attached to her drum set, and it sounds like thats what you are speaking of, its her triangle. they're keys for it, so she can play it for different songs on the new album. if you watch them in concert, you can see her hit them at certain times.
just adding on to my comment above, meg white is not a "shitty gimmicky drummer" every drummer has their own style and there is no set way to play the drums.

opg: its not a sub. for a bass guitar, bc subs for bass guitars dont look like that. its how she plays the bells/triangle
I thought it was well known that they trigger drum sounds for her? He doesn't have the most consistant wrists in the game, but I don't know what the biggie is.
its a bell desk!
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