What Meg was playing!

So, it looks like Meg White was playing a set of Chromatic Desk Bells, mounted on a big bit of wood. At just $77 for an octave (13 notes, two Cs), I imagine these things must make a pretty impressive racket. If you're feeling superfly, go for the $120 20 note set. Props also to the anonymous poster who suggested she was playing a Bonang, an enormous Javanese instrument which does look a bit similar.

Ya, know I was wondering what the hell they were too. I saw them on the Daily Show (Is this what the "blentry"(cheezy buzz word for 2006) was refering to?) and couldn't tell wtf they were. I also noticed that Jack had a set of tubes next to his EP.

And finally I noticed how much they fucked up their songs. One point you could see Jack knew he fucked up himself while playing the two pianos. He also seemed to hit some off key notes on his guitar. I guess they are good in a sloppy way.
Here's an idea about the White Stripes: you don't really need to have any talent and all and your mistakes will be seen as "artistic" if you manage to generate enough hype?
This URL shows a couple of videos of the White Stripes on Comedy Central. I had to see these bells!

Don't blink too much, you only get a couple of glimpses...

There's nothing wrong with the White Stripes. No one cares if you don't like them. And calling them "talentless" is like saying Lil' Jon is talented.
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